My database doesn't update anymore!


Since this afternoon my database doesn’t respond to the action “modify database” ! It is a big problem, as you can imagine…

I also have problem to stay connected in my app.

Any idea ? When I modify the item in database interface, no problem I see in the my app. But with workflow, it is not ok. I can see the changes are applied in interface because the value is changed, but not in database.

Do you think it can come from Cloudflare ? I moved yesterday and it’s correctly set up.

It is very very annoying and hard to imagine it can happen with a basic app…


The data is stored on Bubble DB, not Cloudflare. So I doubt that’s the problem.

Try the basic. On dev first, and live. I see you’re writing so I’ll wait :wink:

More precision : you edit a product information, you save a input with a value. You change the product : all the other informations are refreshing, but not certains input : you find the old value in your new page (not written in the database of the new product of course)

I cleaned the cache and restart the browser, work better (less input not working!) but still problems.

@JohnMark I never faced this case before, and Cloudflare can cache some items to optimize speed, so maybe it put some disorder somewhere…

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Hi @charly

You have to build your case and submit a bug report to Bubble, fast approach to resolve that situation. Hope there’s no cache data thing with Cloudflare that delivery content only, in my knowledge.

The more I think about it, and as you said, ‘inputs’ can be a conflict.

I put back the Bugs title :wink:

@JohnMark You are right maybe it is a problem with too much input on a same page. It concerns a single page with 2 groups displaying / hidding and few inputs on it. Doesn’t looks very complicated but maybe too much for Bubble ?

It is a big latency until the refresh of the page, so it is very dangerous for the integrity of data to keep this if it is just a “normal” behavior". It is hard to understand, as the display is quick and it is not just a small delay : it is really “blocked” until refresh…

I will try tomorrow, thanks for your help!

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I received a mail in the night for a problem on the main Bubble cluster. I think it was the problem because since it’s resolved I don’t face this problem anymore…

But I just hope now it will never come back because it’s very very annoying and dangerous for the data !

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