Old responsive UI not working anymore?

Starting today, the “Responsive” tab on my UI (old version) doesn’t allow me to edit the sizes and behaviour (current minimum width, etc.) in the way it did until yesterday (actually I can’t click on different elements), so looks like it’s forcing me to upgrade to the new responsive engine, but it’s definitely not what I’m looking for, as I already built the website and 90% of its responsive behaviour using the old engine. I’ve actually upgraded it on a copy of the page and definitely it’s not what I need at the moment. I’m attaching a screenshot with the example of what is showing me when I click on any element (as you can see, no way to customise anything).

It looks like my partner is having the same issue with a totally different Bubble app, from a different laptop.

In other words, as I can’t finish the responsive behaviour of my page, I can’t push any changes and I have to delay the launch process, which is a real pain.

Is this some kind of temporary bug?


FYI, I am seeing similar behavior in one of my apps that still uses the old engine. Have you contacted Bubble support about it? There was a post yesterday that could be related, too.

@bubble @sam.morgan… any insight here?

Edit: another one.


Thanks, it’s good to know we’re not alone. I’m going to reach out to them directly right now. Thanks!



Hi, I am having this problem as well. Any updates?

IT seems that global Bubble is badly working … very slow, the same version as yesterday doesn"t work as same (even with the responsive engine).
I think that something is currently down even if the status page is ok.

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Update: I’ve reached out to them and they’ve answered that they’re “currently taking a closer look into the Responsive viewer behavior on legacy engine apps, and will be in touch as soon as we’ve gathered all the details to escalate a report to engineering.”, so it seems they’re on it.

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Update: They’ve “escalated the behavior to our engineering team for further evaluation”.


The engineering team looking into the legacy responsive engine today:


This gave me lots of lols!

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Alright, as per their latest email, “Our engineering team just pushed a fix for the Responsive viewer, so you can go ahead and test in your application to ensure that everything is working as expected again”.

Indeed, I’ve tested it out and now it works!


The other day a few plugins disapeared from my app. Lots of weird stuff with bubble since the October update

This is still broken for me. I just emailed them.

If anyone cares, I’m now having this problem. I’m still using the old responsive engine – want to complete the app before switching over – and I don’t see the full range of options in the responsive tab. I need to collapse margins when the page decreases, but have no way to do this. Is there another way to collapse margins on the group outside the responsive tab?

I am having the same issues as well.

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