App is not updating and won't save

So I was developing an app and was rolling out live updates to see how it would look and then one time it gave me a message that said something like couldn’t save because my internet connection was weak. I ignored it cause I knew my internet was working fine cause I was listening to music in the background. Now recently I noticed I removed an element and went to preview it and it was still there. Then, I noticed some red text at the top of my app that says “saving…” I don’t want to reload the page as I’m scared I’m going to lose a lot of progress.d

We are facing this situation. I recommend that you change the IP address of Bubble for the new one (if you have your own address). I haven’t received that kind of message in the last 24 hours. I’m crossing my fingers!

tips: to re-connect with Bubble, simply undo 3 times and wait 2-3 minutes. It works for me. And then, redo 2-3 times :wink:

So your step by step for solving this issue without losing any data is -

  1. Press undo 3 times
  2. Wait 3 minutes
  3. Press redo 3 times

am I correct?
I’ll try it!

That’s the idea. But you will see the red Saved… become gray Saved. Then redo.

Thanks so much! I’ll see if it works

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