Weird New Error Message about My "Connection to Bubble" / "Issues Saving Your App" (was: Quick question about bubbles connection)

Is this like a bug or just a thing with bubble? My internet works perfectly throughout the whole time I edit my apps but for some odd reason it doesn’t save and prompts me with a message saying “To not lose work reset this page” or something about a weak connection. This has been going on for quite a long time now. (Photo is provided to show my internet speed)

I have been trying on every app. Literally, and no matter what I change. It can even be a text from “Current User’s Name” to “Current User” and it would just completely break. I won’t lie. When I first started a few months ago. Bubble was a perfect web to work with. But now it is kind of breaking. Slowly, no hatred it’s just kind of not the best how bubble can’t handle a text change right now. In status it doesn’t even update to tell us the status. It tells us either after or like 30 minutes after.

I am actually having the same issue, i think this is a bug. Maybe you can go ahead and report it.

I don’t think this has ever happened to me before either. Report a bug is prob the best solution.

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I’m also getting the same issue. I’ve never seen it before today. I’m filing a bug report.

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They seem to have implemented some new feature that is running amok. It’s screwed up here too.

C’mon Bubble, knock it off. Moving this topic to BUGS.

I was quite excited by this error yesterday. Always like a new feature :slight_smile:

Not entirely sure what the message was trying to tell me, but no ill effects.


Yes, caused me some frustration last night too… :frowning:

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