Lost changes after long work session

After a long, inspired work session, all my changes have been lost.

Logged back in today and I’m looking at a basic template; some of the work from that session is there, but the majority is gone.

Anyone know why, or how I can retrieve it? Bubble help says to use the ‘history button’ but also says there is no history button…

Bubble stops saving automatically if your internet connection is patchy and the connection timesout. There are only two signs of this - the message that appears initially, which could easily be missed, and the text that says ‘not saved’ or something like that in the top bar where it normally says ‘saved’. Don’t know what happened in your case, but if there’s nothing there you may have been working whilst data was not being saved to Bubble.

Same thing has happened to me in past so I make a habit to periodically check and refresh the page after long periods away from computer.

Try to play with save points:

@yeong the timeout usually goes away after a few minutes though. If it was a long work session without you noticing that your internet connection was down, the odds of everything you worked on being lost are thin, imo.

Might be a long shot - are you sure you’re not looking at the live environment editor (where changes wouldn’t appear if you haven’t pushed to live)?

I’m actually realizing it’s likely due to me not having closed a separate open session on a different laptop. When I went back to my ‘work’ computer days later, the editor window was still open with an old ‘version’ of my app, and, I’m guessing, overwrote previous changes.

You’d think they’d have collision handled a bit better with delta and timestamp management but that’s my best theory so far

oh and for clarity, the app is very much in build mode and has never been pushed to production

I will be religiously using these moving forward