App like Youtube

I want to make a video sharing app/website like YouTube. With creator profiles that allow them to upload videos. People can like, subscribe and post comments. And it also gives creators analytic tools. But honestly my original foray into trying to build something on Bubble didn’t go so well. My last project I was simply trying to learn how to make two different user profile types and could never figure it out. Anyone got any advice or tips.

I’d recommend starting with a Bubble course. When I first started with Bubble, I watched a 30 hour course on how to build AirBnB in Bubble. It showed me how all of it works and provided practical, hands-on guidance. At the time, it felt crazy to spend that much time on one course. But, I was probably 2-3x more productive in Bubble immediately after the course and it provided a better foundation for learning after that as well.

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