App not navigating on mobile device


I’m developing my first app and it’s working just fine on my laptop, but I´m having issues when I try the app on a mobile device. It doesn’t navigante througout the different pages even when the URL changes. Any idea of how can I fix this?

What mobile device are you using?

What method does the app employ for navigating? Using links, go to page workflow action etc?

How are you navigating in the page? Through buttons you created?

More explanation and some screen shots or even a video will be helpful to understand the possible causes…

I’m usin an iPhone 11.

Regarding the method employed for navigating, at the beginning I was employing buttons with links with workflow action and now I have installed a slidable menu plugin but I have the same issue.

The same happens when I try to go directly to any page of the app different than the “Home” page. It always shows the same page indistinctly of the page I type on the browser.

Any ideas?