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App not saving after I make changes

When I come back to my app to work on it, it keeps defaulting back to the original “new app” layout.

None of my changes are being saved… am I missing something?

Just to be clear, when you go to the editor all changes are gone? Or is it when you’re looking at the “live” page that the changes aren’t seen?

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when I go to the editor all my changes are gone and reverted back to the default layout (the layout which has the arrows/text boxes, signup/login, etc)

Can you email us at [email protected]? With a link to the editor?

I have the same issue. When I go to Live then I can see what I’ve made but in editor mode it shows the default layout, like if I just created a new project.

Ok, here is what solved this issue:

I opened the editor and I see the default layout.

I wait a few minutes and then refresh the editor, now I will be able to access the editor and it shows my data.

Hope it helps to fix it.

What is the problem exactly? You made some changes and didn’t see them? Keen in mind that the live version is different from the development version. In other words,

is different from

Are you sure you hit an issue, or mixed between both versions (which has happened to a few users before :smile:)

I left the bubble editor, a few hours later I open my bubble account, select the project I worked on and click on the edit icon.
Bubble opens a brand new default layout and I’m unable to retrieve any data from the editor (first I thought everything was deleted) then I clicked “preview” and I was able to see my project as I left it previously.
But the editor shows a default layout(like when you start a new project). That’s when I refreshed the editor 2-3 times and suddenly all my data appeared.

It only happened to me 2 times when I started my first project and haven’t had this issue since.
It was scary because first I thought I just lost all my work.

I’ve experienced this too the last few days…I just think you need to give the editor time to refresh/update, etc.

I usually logout and then log back in after about 10 minutes and everything is fine…

We’re looking into it… the editor is unusually slow today + yesterday because we’ve had a lot of new users checking us out from the Product Hunt post, which is stress-testing our scaling mechanisms. Should get better in the next day or two; if not, please let us know at [email protected]

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I’m still experiencing this issue with the editor

I made edits yesterday and earlier today…but when I returned to bubble (just now to continue working) my edits are not there. Editor is currently showing my app version from a week ago.

I’ll send an email over to support.

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