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Please Read: Editor Issues


Okay, the editor should be useable again. I’m not 100% sure everything is working as intended, so if something is still broken, please email [email protected] If possible, please include step-by-step instructions on how to recreate the issue, to help us find and fix it faster.

Again, very sorry for the inconvenience. Hopefully the upshot of this will be a better, faster Bubble…


As several of you have noticed, we’re having some issues with the Bubble editor right now. At the moment, saving is extremely slow (you’ll see the red “saving…” indicator for a long time after you are done making changes), and there might be flickering effects as elements temporarily disappear and re-appear.

We recommend only making emergency changes to your apps right now. I’ll keep this thread updated as we solve the issues. I’m very sorry for the inconvenience… we recently rolled out a big change to the way app storage works behind the scenes to enable more reliable performance when you run your apps, and some parts aren’t working correctly.