Bubble Not Reflecting Changes

HI! It seems that the changes are saved properly in the editor, but once you preview them in the development version, the changes are not there / working in the app. I double-check this with the debugger, and they’re not there at all. This have been happening since one hour ago.

Is there anyone having the same issue right now?

Having exactly the same issue.

During the last 2-3 days. I have been making changes for a long time and found out nothing have been saved. Thought it was internet problem, however, the internet is running well.

There seems to be something wrong, although https://status.bubble.io status says “All Systems Operational”.

was having such issues few hours ago, now resolved for me

Did you make anything to fix this or it just randomly got solved?

seems randomly but I had informed bubble just prior (as my clients were also noticing login issues) and so not sure if they pushed a fix. I did clear all cookies, cache too

I am still having issues. @eve is there something going on?

Is the error checker gone for you guys too? I guess it is just not appearing on every error. hmmmm, not sure what is going on.

Maybe it just running super slow today? I don’t know.

We’re doing a bunch of back-end work this week (including Josh’s work on the issue checker) so if you’re seeing issues, please do go ahead and submit a bug report – since these issues can be hard to track down, please do also include any screenshots/recordings that may be helpful!


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