App not transferring from agency account to client


I have an agency account and have previously transferred apps to my clients ok. I’ve just come to transfer an App and it doesn’t seem to have transferred the ownership properly though. I did the usual “transfer” which seemed to work ok as I lost sight of the app in my dashboard. The client then added me back in as a collaborator and I could see it again to continue editing etc. It still seems to be on my agency account though as “agency plan” is showing as the current app plan :thinking:

Any ideas?



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Hi Richard, same issue!

Client can’t seem to register their own plan / remove my agency plan from their newly minted app…


Hi Ben

I’m not sure if this has changed (as I certainly don’t remember it behaving like this previously) but it now seems that when you do a transfer it shows as an agency account to the client until they choose the actual plan they want to use. The thing that scared me/my client about doing it was the warning that the account will be downgraded etc and we were worried it would affect my own actual agency account. Having confirmed with Bubble’s support we went ahead and did it from the clients account and all was good.

Hope this helps


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