Ownership transfer issue

I have just had the craziest situation occur, the one which made me question bubble security.

I have been having issues with the client for the last 6 months of non-paid invoices for the hosting of the application as just a few issues I had, which are under my credentials and bubble account.

In the last 30 minutes, bubble support without any prior warning and without my consent transferred the application from my account and transferred it to the non-paying client.

How can this be legally acceptable?

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If what you described has actually happened, you aren’t going to get anywhere with a forum post about it. Have you been in touch with Bubble support? If you haven’t, I would contact them immediately because they are the only ones who are going to be able to help you with this situation.



Thanks, Mike… This is the response I received:

For 2 years I have been a paying customer and not even a heads up or dispute mitigation.

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Wow, that’s crazy. I’m guessing the non-paying client said it was their app? If the app was under your account the entire time and they transferred it to someone else without even talking to you, that would be a really tough pill to swallow. It sounds like you are going to get more info soon, though, and I wish you the best of luck for a quick and satisfactory resolution.

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As a side question here, what is the reason for an agency having an app under its account and paying Bubble, versus putting it under the client’s name so the client is responsible for Bubble costs? I haven’t used an agency, so I was curious if this is standard practice.

Yeahhh as far as I know, this is the standard practice. Bubble costs are not much, or we can even say nothing at all, when compared to development and maintenance costs that agencies charge.

Thanks, understood. That said, if I were to use an agency I would require that the app be under my account, and I’d give the agency editing rights. I would pay Bubble directly for hosting, and then pay the agency for development/maintenance.

I don’t think agencies would agree to that :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:, but all the best what you’re doing.

Uhhhh ya, definitely. Once development is completed, I want full ownership of the app I paid for.

On the other side, as an agency, I’d want to transfer ownership immediately. Keeping edit access, of course, but in a sense, it marks the end of the project.

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Is the reason an agency would insist on not letting a business owner own/control their own app due to practical reasons, or commercial ones (ie vendor lockin)?

Isn’t the whole point of one having an agency account is to build products for clients and hand over the work? What am I missing here? Why would an agency hold onto an app that isn’t theirs? And why would a client agree to not owning it in their account? Pretty sure that’s against the guidelines but will have to read through the manual.

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Would love an official response to this…

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