App of the Day: Award Pool - Bubble

We spoke with one of the co-founders of Award Pool, Reuven Cohen, about building an e-sports tournament and community management tool. Cohen describes Award Pool as the "Shopify" of e-sports, bridging the gap between existing online tools and the e-sports industry professional's needs with a complete management system. Cohen is the tech co-founder and Alex Falconer is the operations co-founder at Award Pool. Cohen has extensive experience as a developer, and Bubble's fast and efficient integration of backend workflows made his vision for Award Pool come to life.

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Thanks for posting this! We’re also looking to hire if anyone is interested.

I’m interested. Is it a remote position?

Yes, we’re hiring only remote for now.

@ruv I found the interview very informative. I didn’t know this level of integration with external systems was possible.

@ruv Would love to learn a bit more about how exactly can you use Bubble in this way.

Awesome project. Sign of the times. Wish you the very best! (I watch Starcraft all the time!)