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Custom Application - Fantasy Sports

So I run a fantasy sports site, and I want to try and re-build the application so that I don’t have to rely upon the developers and be at their mercy.

I get that I can build the CRM, connect to APIs for stats, etc - but what about the customization of the actual application? Can I actually build the core web app with Bubble or just all the surrounding parts?

A simpler way to ask is can I build the back end of the stack of only the UI/UX portion?

You can build you entire back end using Bubble! :+1:

I agree, I am sure that the whole platform could be rebuilt in bubble. Would certainly be a fun project! What is the current platform?

It’s currently Code Igniter, and it’s a completely custom application. I need to have it updated and improved, but before going the custom route again, I figured I’d investigate this.

I run golf and nfl pools, and have built simple web apps in Knack (a bubble competitor). Came here looking for a more robust solution (api integrations/workflows) and I’m definitely going to rebuild my apps here instead. If you decide to give it a go or have any questions feel free to reach out, we can work through issues together :slight_smile:

I appreciate it! Unfortunately, I have confirmed that my gaming engine is more robust than such a platform would allow. I may have the gaming engine built and then build the surrounding modules on here, that way at least I have full control over everything else. I will certainly be in touch if / when that happens. Appreciate it!