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App search tool - improvement

Would it be possible to add theses searches please ?

  • find in texts all the “…'S LINK”, filtered by their destination page
  • find the action “Go to page…” filtered by their destination page
  • find the expressions using a page element’s Custom States
  • find the “Schedule a workflow / on a list” action, filtered by API endpoint

I would use them a lot and the app search tool isn’t convenient for these right now.


You can do 1 and 2 by typing the name of the page in the ‘Contains text’ area.

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Using “contains text” help but a lot of results are biaised by fields name or values containg the search term. It’s like for searching allthe “Create a Thing” or “Modify a Thing”. Contains text filter doesn’t help me and I have to use “Use filed” instead.

@emmanuel I usually can’t find which page’s actions "Schedule an API endpoint’ with the contains text field filter

FYI, 95% of my queries are about :

  1. Search by Field - to see where are the Actions modyfing it
  2. Search by Page element
  4. Search by Actions > Selecting a Custom Event in the dropdown (a sub-filter by page or Reusable element would be nice by the way)
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Sorry I don’t understand what you’re trying to do nor what the problem is.

my bad.
On the 2nd picture, you can see there is an action “Schedule an API workflow” called 0envoi_bon
When I do a search to find all the actions which trigger this endpoint, no result is returned when I filter the results with the API endpoint’s name itself.

Oh I see. it’s unfortunately not an easy one to solve at scale.