Search items refering to a custom state

Would be useful to add the capability to the search tool in the editor to allow to search by custom state.

So for example now, i want to search all elements, actions and events that refer to a specific custom state


This isn’t in the search tool, but you can pretty much do this in the element inspector for any element. Click the “i” icon in the upper right of the property editor to reveal custom state management options.

This area also shows you actions and events related to the event so it would involve more than just custom states, but custom state actions would be here too. Clicking on one will take you right to the event/action.


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its good, but i cant filter down to events/actions that use a specific custom state, and get a floating list, like you would on the search tool, if they did it for a field, they can do it for a custom state field too

Need to be able to find a custom state from the search tool. I hope this is on the roadmap

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