Filter and display workflows

Hello everyone,

Would it be possible to add a filter in the workflows tab in order to sort events or actions and display them all in the workflows window?
I realize that, even if the workflows are well classified by theme, it is sometimes difficult to find them when you have several hundred and you have to modify an event or action.
for example, I have an application with 28 email sends scattered in about 800 workflows, when I need to modify the text of the email (for example multilingual) I have to search everywhere where I have an email send, even if my app is well organized I lose a lot of time.
the idea is to go to a search field with autocompletion (which finds the events or actions of my wf) and select “send email” to validate and there all actions containing a “send email” are displayed in the window.

I don’t know if the idea has already been proposed.

thanks and tell me what you think.

good day to all


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Hi Jeremie,

There is an extremely useful feature which i think would solve this problem for you. Its called the “App Search Tool”. You can find it on the top right corner of your screen and it looks like a magnifying glass.

Have you used this tool before? Try searching through your app by “Action Type” and “Send Email” action. It will list all the actions which Send an Email and direct you to them.

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Hi Nico, thank you for your answer.
yes I know this feature, but I rather wanted to talk about a global display in the entire workflow window with all the “send mail” for the example, without constantly going to look for and choose a wf one by one.

Have you considered using workflow folders?

You could create folders for each feature and group the relevant workflows within these.