App Takes Over 20 Seconds to Perform Login Action

Hey everyone…

I have a page of my app which takes over 20 seconds to log in… yet a similar page, with an identical login action logging into the same account takes about 5 seconds to log in.

Have you had a similar experience and do you have any idea why this may be the case?

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Are there other actions in the same workflow? Or just a login/signup action? In other words, are the two workflows identical?

@antony Our team is investigating your bug report for this issue

Dear Bubble…

(@bubble6, @neerja, @emmanuel… how do I address this to support?)

This bug is now becoming critical to my app… @emmanuel said last week in a post relating to the same bug that you are working on it… I emailed support two days ago asking for an estimated time it would be fixed and got no reply…

Please can someone come back to me?

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Hello there @neerja… could you give me an update on when I can expect this bug to be fixed please? I emailed support for an update last week and heard nothing back… it is now 6 weeks since I first reported it and it is causing my app real problems.


Hello Antony,

Our apologies for the delay in this matter! A brief note before we get into the crux of the matter: unfortunately, Neerja is no longer on our team, so it is best to tag me or email us at if you would like an issue to be addressed.

As per the login action: I have tested your application numerous times (take a look at my test video for some samples) and have not been able to reproduce the slow login times that you have described. Your application is evaluating and performing a fairly large number of workflows on page load, which is why the page does take a while to load in its entirety, but given that the number of workflow steps is in the several hundreds, this is to be expected.

Please do let us know if you have any further questions!


My app takes about that long to log out.

Yes I am noticing similar behavior. What I’m noticing is that if I log myself out of my app after not having done it for a while it takes a really long time, but if you log back in and then log back out again it happens quickly. It’s almost as if bubble thinks part of my app has been dormant for a while and then it realizes that this action is happening for the first time in a long time and then making it fast again.

Hi there Eve…
Thanks for your feedback!
I have emailed you an example of how you can clearly observe the 20 second login time I am referring to…
Looking forward to hear from you,
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Hi there!

Has there been any resolution to this? It takes an extremely long time to log out of my app too. Logging in is fine, though, strangely enough…

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@eve let us know if you’d like me and @crescatcorp to submit bugs on this as I am noticing this as well.

Super weird, right? I’ve already submitted a bug report but just wanted to check to see if there was a solution here

This used to not be an issue probably 8-10 months ago but it’s been persistent in my app for a little while as well. I have a pretty static home page so it shouldn’t be happening. It’s hit or miss, sometimes it takes forever, other times it’s quick.

Exactly! I’ve noticed it the past couple of weeks. Logging in is fine but logging out is consistently slow.

@crescatcorp @jonathan.timianko Definitely submit a bug report if you’re seeing behavior like this; we’ll get to this ASAP!

I’ve already submitted one. Hopefully you’ll see it soon!

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Hey everyone…

Thanks for your posts on this! I’ve found it very hard to submit by bug report and follow up details in a way that @eve is able to be clear there is a problem. I’d be sooo grateful if you guys @crescatcorp and @jonathan.timianko could follow through with your examples so that we can get this fixed… it is causing me a real headache!

Best wishes,

Absolutely. I’ve sent a bug report, followed up with links to the problem pages and a special log in/log out page in my app. I agree with you about the headache. Most of the time I file a bug report, it is unable to be re-created on their end. That’s why I’m glad it’s a forum post, so I don’t look crazy this time.

Yes, I also find having a forum post with others who share the problem really helps.

@eve, can we accelerate the fix of this bug now please?

Thank you!

@antony The fix for the login speed issue is currently undergoing tests and reviews; there are a number of factors at play here so we want to make sure we’re careful before we roll it out.

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