Workflows very slow

Anyone else having problems that workflows with signup or create account for someone else are running extreemly slow? Almost not working…


yes, same here but its very random on different devices

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Same here. I also communicated on this latency issue. Even the user’s signup workflow is impacted…

Very strang… Workflow error - Operation timed out -- app too busy in task schedule_api_event

I use almost no capacity on my professional plan app. And still getting operation timed out since couple of days…

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Same for me @gaimed. Launched few weeks ago, a dozen of users, and app pages are about 1 html component…

But look at the “sign the user up” workflow, I think it’s the worst one in term of duration…

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Same here…


Debug_mode the same workflow is very fast. Without debug mode… it doesnt work :frowning:

Indeed, I did the test after your last message @gaimed, and it worked perfectly. Wtf ?..

I also have a workflow that simply displays data in a group and it takes forever. It was instant before…

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No idea whats happening… I send bubble multiple messages last night. All my apps are broken and login isnt working…


On my side, login is working fine.

One remark : for user Sign-in, I don’t send any email. For signup, I do. Could the emails sending be the root cause ? Problem with sendgrid ?

I do a create account for someone else before sending a magic link. It keeps stuck on “create account for someone else”. I use postmark using the api connector and thats very fast.

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OK, so it’s link to the account creation.

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Any idea what we can do. Almost 14,5 hours since I mailed bubble about this…

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@emmanuel, sorry for the inconveniences but, is this problem known and managed by Bubble support ? The end user experience is not good, sign in and sign up are impacted.

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I’m experiencing very slow workflows on my signin / signup flows at the moment, sometimes over 30 seconds… is this a known issue?

By us, yes. Not yet by Bubble support as they do not respond to forum posts and emails.

On my side, I and my users can not connect anymore. And even worst, signup workflow failed at every attempt.

@eve : any update on this critical issue, please ?

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I noticed some problems when signing up with Google Oauth.
It creates a blank user and gets very slow or stuck on the sign up action. As @gaimed mentioned with debug mode on i wasen’t able to replicate the problem.

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Yes, that’s the issue. The user database cluster is stuck ?!