Append path in Go to Page action

Since we can extract Path from the URL, can we also have a way to more easily “append path” when navigating to an internal page? Similar to URL parameters, but I suppose it would just be a single path to keep it clean.

This would apply to any page that is currently set up with a content type and navigating to the page requires data to be sent. But for those who want to create “pretty urls”, they’re bypassing that feature and navigating to the page via a Link element or Open an external website and manually entering in the page URL with dynamic path value… and identifying the Thing from there.

Could be nice to have this built-in to the Go to Page action. Are there conflicts I’m not thinking of?


+1! This would make things like admin panels, documentation etc. a lot easier.

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Looking for this as well

Any news here?


@romanmg Have you run into any issues creating paths on an index page?I would image it could be risky allowing users to create a path ID that could potentially be the same as a bubble page name. I’m in the process of doing this and I I’ll be setting conditionals to prevent specific path IDs being created.


Can you clarify these details of defining a path when navigating to an internal page via workflow or a link?

-on the roadmap?
-needs to be sponsored?
-not possible?

I think this feature is becoming needed more often as users are making their URLs look nicer. It can be annoying using the manual external website option as this requires an update in multiple places when changes are made. Thanks.

Hey @stephencharles, I avoid any kind of path situation when the index page is involved because your URL would need to include “index” (e.g. and if anyone tries to go to the index with path but without “index”, then they end up on a 404 (if there isn’t a page with that same path name).

I either use a different page to work with paths or URL parameters.