Feature request - send data to a page and add a path

@emmanuel Is it possible to add a feature to send a path when navigating, just like you can send a parameter? I’m trying to send data to a page with a path.


Hey @stephencharles,

You could use the Open an external website action in the same Workflows > Navigation menu to structure the URL yourself. Take advantage of the :Website home URL module too so the URL is environment-specific. :slight_smile:

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Hey @copilot, I gave that a shot but there is no way to send data to the next page with the external website button, is there? I need to define the html header on the next page.

You won’t be able to use Bubble’s native Current page type features, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use a combination of the Get data from URL module and custom states to get around that. If you still can’t figure it out after a while, hop in a Session with us if you’re up for one. :blush:

Thanks for your response @copilot but unfortunately you can’t use a url parameter, state, or an element’s data as the dynamic source for the html header input on the page level. Bubble is only limited to current user data or current page data, which is why I’m trying to use the navigate action instead of the external website action.

Hoping the Bubble team can either allow a path to be transferred via the navigate action or add addition dynamic options for the source of the html header.