Is it possible to go to page using a variable page name?

My app has multiple variations of a “home” page. I’d like to store the one the user prefers in the User record. Then, when the user starts the app, I’d like to go to their preferred page.

Is this possible?

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Hi Laurence,

How about using the external website action in your login workflow? The “internal” page navigation can not be dynamic, but the external website action accommodates this.

You can use the website home URL to get the base domain and path (including version-test when on dev) and then just append the page name from a text field on the user record:


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Ken Truesdale


Thanks, Ken.

That should work. The only caveat I can think of is for pages with Type of content. Shouldn’t be a problem with an index/home page, but extending the concept to other kinds of pages may not always work - I think.

Luckily, you’ll be able to do that. Just extend out the url to include the unique id of the item you want:

You could also add url parameters as well if needed. Just duplicate what the internal page nav action displays in the address bar.


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