Appending text to Dropdown values

Hi all,

I am trying to append Active or Paused at the end of every single value of a dropdown.

I want to append Active to all the campaigns which are active and Paused to all the campaigns which are paused.

Lets say the campaign dropdown has 4 campaigns as mentioned below

  1. Campaign A
  2. Campaign B
  3. Campaign C
  4. Campaign D

Now campaigns A&B are active and campaigns C&D are paused. i have the status as a column in my table, I would like to append the status with the name of the campaigns, thus providing the below mentioned end result as values in the dropdown.

  1. Campaign A - Active
  2. Campaign B - Active
  3. Campaign C - Paused
  4. Campaign D - Paused

Do we have a way to do this in Bubble, Any help here would be great.


Hi Sriram :wave:

There’s a way, as explained in details by @keith here:

Simple but extremely useful. I use it everywhere since I found this post :pray::kissing_heart:

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This works like a charm. Thanks a lot for pointing out to the thread.

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