Items Not Displayed In Dropdown List

My dropdown lists are not displaying the text when fille dynamically. If I create a dropdown and add static values, the choices are visible. To test further, I’ve created a new app and the only things I done are to create a simple table with a few values to use to fill the dropdown.
I’ve added two dropdowns to the screen, one that’s fille dynamically and the other that is filled by static choices.

When the app is previewed, I can click on the list with the dynamic values and the dropdown expands. It seems that the values are filling out the list, but I cannot see them. If I select one of the blank lines then check the debugger, it is showing the value of the item that I selected. Also, It appears that the font color is set to black. I’m using the standard bubble theme, but have tested with a couple of the others and still get the same result

I’m newer to Bubble and still learning so I would appreciate any help or guidance to where the issue may be. I’ve included the link to the app below (I believe I’ve done it correctly):



Make Like This ,search for [your data type] and option caption[current option [data type field] :thinking:

I’m sorry, but I have no idea what you are trying to explain by “make like this…”

It’d be helpful if you could share a picture of how you have the dropdown setup. We can’t really tell what the issue may be without seeing your setup.

You did not do this


I’ll actually make a short video in a couple minutes, but before that are you to access the sample app with the link that I provided, or is there a different way I need to share access to the app?

go to settings > general > privacy&security > Application rights [change to Everyone can view
and send the editor url

Right on ZIAD!!! Thank you so much, so simple and so easy to overlook. That didn’t stick out as an obvious choice of something that I missed or that’s even required initially. Now I can go back and fix my real app :slight_smile: Thanks agains!

Solved :+1::+1:
Wait for your creativity :blush:

Actually, taught me how to solve my next issue. I was about to research how I could fill a dropdown list with two columns from my table. Example, I have the fields ‘Code’ and ‘Desc’. The codes alone don’t always make sense in the dropdown (ie, DOME, BATT, FOUP,). What you pointed out now allowes me to fill my dropdown with both fields: ‘DOME - Domestic Incident’, ‘BATT - Assault or Battery’, ‘FOUP - Followup on Incident’ YAY!!! :slight_smile:

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