Apple Devices and iFrames

My site uses iFrame to render AR content. Android devices face no issue, but for Apple devices - it’s a hit & miss.

When it does load, everything renders fine. However, when it doesn’t - it refreshes the page after trying to load the data, and other times, it would simply show this after loading:

The code that I was provided with by the third party:

<!DOCTYPE html>
.aligncenter {
    text-align: center;
<div id="AR1" class="aligncenter">
	width='380px' height='580px'
	allow=" camera; microphone"

I placed this code within an HTML element. Enabling “Display as an iFrame” did not help.

I’m currently using the plugin iFrame Magic to embed it, but the issue still persists.

This is a cookie security feature from apple. To get around it, go into your apps settings and click on ‘Do not set cookies on new visitors by default’ and republish.

Hi, there @doug.burden. Thank you for your reply.

I’ve read about this, and I’m wondering if it’s still applicable to my scenario because I’m embedding a third-party app into my own & not the other way around.

Do you happen to know if this would affect anything else on my app if I were to enable it? For example, my sign up page?

Much appreciated.