Problem with cookie and iframe


I’m developing my web site with bubble and step by step I’m solving all the issues but I have a problem that I can not solve (I’m not a developer) and I need some professional help.

My problem is linked with iframe and cookie:
My clients can embed with iframe on them website the product that we create for them (is a web page).
But if a new user go to the website of my clients without going before on my website the iframe doesn’t load the “data” so instead of loading it load only In this way my page can not load the correct data from the database.
On the page the data is loaded with “get path from page url” → “path, number”. The iframe can not read the path. This “number” is a field in my data, like an ID.

The problem is already explained in a better way in this post from a user:

I’m quite sure that the problem is linked with cookie and the privacy. The problem is mainly linked with safari for pc and for iOS (and this is the biggest problem).

If you have safari to see the problem you can go on this external page (my client site) where is placed one of my iframe

Someone can help me?


Hi Alessandro,

I would surely assist you.

Please contact me on Skype:cis.am2 or Email me : for a formal quote. I am sure the price will be very reasonable.

Looking for your reply.

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Hi Alessandro,

Sounds like an exciting challenge.
Would love to take it on.
Could you please email me the details on

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