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Do you somehow document your application? We work in two on the, I’d say, mid size application for longe time, as it’s not our main job and I’d appreciate to have some HTML or other type of documenation describing used reusable elements, pages, workflows. Any idea how to do that?
Many thanks

Hi @petr.horcicka :wave:
You can use bubble notes for these type of documentations
Every element/Database/fields/option Sets have this…

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Hey @petr.horcicka:

One of the good practices, so kudos for that,
A good tip is to name the element correctly
Second, you add comments in the editor, so there you can add documentations
Thanks, Ali
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Thank you @viquarahmed07 and @hafizaliimrankhan thank you for quick response. I’m aware of the Notes feature, but is there any option how extract these Notes all together for the whole application? There are lot of objects and hardly to know which one has some note :slight_smile: I wonder about some best practice like describing the page and workflows may all of them together in one dummy workflow. What do you think?

Well i am not sure about it…
Maybe @mikeloc @adamhholmes can ?


First to answer your question, no I do not think you can export all the comments and make a doc file.

There are few best practices which I always follow and I always advice others to follow too.
Always Name the groups in such way for example:
-Child-Group-input and so on.

if it’s a list.

  1. Second suggestion, always put pages in group and reusable elements

  2. Always put workflows in a groups.

  3. Also, the workflows have standard names, but you can give them proper names.
    For example: Make changes to payment rename it to: Updating user card token

  4. Try to use Workflow trigger, that would not duplicate the workflows.
    Even in the traditional coding it is not a good practice, to create a new function every time.
    If something is being repeated always use the same code.

  5. In Bubble, try to give similar workflows same color. or important workflows same color.

I can remember these for now, if something comes to me my mind, I will add in this thread.

Thanks, Ali
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Thanks a lot @hafizaliimrankhan it’s a way good list of suggestions. Many of them alreay follow other are new to me. Best. Petr

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I’d try to pull it as a new feature request.

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We’re actually working on this right now. With Bubble working on its versioning system, we’re excited to explore its possibilities.

Basically what we do for our apps (and it will be part of the new version of openBuild) is create your documentation straight from the Bubble editor and into an interface where you can augment it with embedded additional documentation through for example Loom or Scribe.

In the editor it looks like this:

It then grabs all the workflow’s relevant information (including comments) and you can add that to whatever documentation Flow you want to create.

In the app, you create your full Flow with additional information.

We can then also add the relevant server logs to this flow.

Plan is to start beta testing with a select group mid-way through september!


Thank you. It looks very promissing. Looking forward to see it flying.

Hi Vincent, anyway I could beta signup for this? I’d curious how best to document a built bubble app. Thank you.