Applying Tags to a New Thing - Multiselect Dropdown

Hello! This is a very basic question on Multiselect Dropdown.

In my database I have a list of “Tags” that pulls into a multi-select dropdown when a user is creating a new “Idea”.

However, I am struggling to apply the user’s selected tags to the new idea in the workflow. The user adds an image, title, caption, and tags. When I run the “Create a New Thing” workflow on the “Upload” button I am not able to apply the tags to the new thing.

Similarly, when I run the workflow as “When an input value is changed” I get an error.

How do I apply the user’s selected tags to a new thing from Multiselect dropdown?

Are the data types matching? For tags?

Whats the data type of Tag in “Idea”?


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I believe this is likely the issue. You could also “set list” instead of “add list” if you want the new selection to replace the old one if the user is editing that list of tags.

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