User populated tags with a multi dropdown

How can I allow a user to populate tags in a multi dropdown (using the multi dropdown plugin) so that existing tags will be visible in the autocomplete, but if the tag doesn’t exist it’ll be created? The UX term for this is a folksonomy, where all tags are provided by other users and autopopulated tags are sorted by frequency of use.

I have created a data type called “Tag”, and made the multi dropdown dynamic. The data source is a search for all things of type “Tag”. I have a workflow for a submit button that adds a new thing (“Tag”) based on the value of the multi dropdown. However this doesn’t seem to work.

Any suggestions?

Unfortunately, the multi dropdown allows for you to add new text-based tags (ie. when you only have static choices). However, it doesn’t allow for creating a new thing in the database.

If you need to reference tags that exist in the database and enable users to create new tags, I recommend creating a repeating group (that displays the list) paired with an input (that creates the tag and adds it to the list). You can style things to closely mimic the multi-dropdown formatting…except for the ability to closely nest each item).

Screenshot of setting as it relates to text-based values:

Ahhh, okay. Thanks for that, I completely missed the “new texts” checkbox since I was primarily trying to get dynamic inputs working.

I’ll try your suggestion and see if I can get similar functionality. Thanks.

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