Appointment / Reminder database setup: Grouped or separate database?

Hi guys!

Quick context:

  • A user has one or multiple pet profiles
  • A pet profile can have multiple different appointments ie vaccinations, deworming reminders, vet visits etc

What I would like to do:

  • Have “collectively” all appointments for all pet profiles displayed on the user’s calendar to have a quick view/reminder of what’s coming up for all pets.


Do I have all appointment types in one database or keep them separate?

To me, keeping them separate is cleaner, but I’m not sure how to then pull them all into the calendar.

Hope that makes sense.

Thanks in advance.

Hi there, @nathanmengel7… if I was doing what you described, I would almost certainly have only one Appointment data type, and the data type would have a type field that is linked to an option set that defines the appointment types. It’s funny that it feels cleaner to you to keep them separate because that seems messy to me, while having all of the appointments in one data type is nice and tidy in my mind.

Anyway, just some food for thought there, and I hope it helps.