APPS keep crashing again / offline / online

Hello… my apps keep going down over and over like a few weeks ago. Here on West US / been seeing this form about 10:00 AM PST or so.

@josh @emmanuel apps keep going down? Is there any fix to this?

I recently setup some ping tests (with to monitor my site, and several other apps that are listed on the bubble showcase page (and checked their network requests to make sure they are bubble apps).

I haven’t drawn any conclusions from it yet, but so far it looks like things periodically become unresponsive (including connection timeouts) several times a day, and usually for less than a minute (in the last three days it has never been more) - but then come back again.

I can see this happening across multiple people’s apps - so it seems like there is an intermittent issue affecting everyone.

I noticed today there was 3 occurances where I got notified my site was down around the time you mentioned: 10:36 PST, 10:39 PST, 10:46 PST… only the last one reported an actual “Connection Refused”, the other two just timed out (>5 seconds to respond). I can see other apps also timed out at the same time.

I’m going to keep logging things and will report my findings!

Great information… hopefully they can solve this

File a bug report or this info is prolly for naught.

Yep, I will - just collecting a weeks worth of data first.

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