All Apps Down. Can not access anything!

CRASH!!! BURN!!! Seems like every APP is down? I cant get into anything anywhere.

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Mine too!

Mine is back up again, phew! :slight_smile:

Same here

LOL so did mine

I guess just needed to post that and like magic everything works

I am having the same problem. HELP!

seems like they are coming back online

Yeah, mine still down…

Mine still down. Perhaps the fix is taking a while to reach Australia! :rofl:

Yep. This also happened to me last week. I wish there was somewhere where known outages would be posted and later have the issue/resolution described.

Do’h still problems I guess.

mine went down again

Mine too

posting on the forum is more fun then working on my app anyway!!! :slight_smile:

hahahaha, I actually copied the idea of the forum for my own site. I like checking that one too. haha

Down here too for 15-20 mins.

@erick.mckesson - There is a status page where you can see issues. It takes time to update and can show apps are up when they’re not, but is helpful as a look-back tool. is a good place to start.

Well mine came up again here in the US West (if that is even the server i am on) .

@brian thanks for the heads-up on that!

Everything was good for at least 40 min and now it is down again so whatever the issue is is intermittently reoccurring.