Apps per month or forever?

Hi, ive just joined the bubble ecosystem and its a wonder platform.
My questions are :

  1. i joined personal plan, do i have right to build 2 private apps per month or 2 apps only forever in this plan. If so what happens if i discontinue after buiiding 2 apps? should i have to pay forever?

  2. i couldnt find documentation on howto export app for sending google play

  3. Is there an android app of you to preview app we buid? If i search on google play millions of buuble games returns, couldnt finf yours in them

  4. Can we export oıır public apps for sending google play?

Many thanks for your great work!!:slight_smile:

  1. 2 apps forever. You pay for as long as you need the app. Rather like if it was hosted on a Server.

  2. If you search for Android in the forum you will see people have used PhoneGap to create Android apps.

  3. No, it is only iOS at the moment.

  4. You can export to a zip I believe, and then convert.