Can do this?

I am new to and I need to check if could do this before I convince my agency to jump on this platform.

  1. Can I publish the project to iOS store and Andriod store?
  2. As an iOS and Andriod app, can I create App notification with it?
  3. Can I create a dashboard for my client where my client could manage the signup users via the dashboard?
  4. Some question on the paid plan. How many app or project can I build for one personal account?

Thank you!

No. Not through Bubble

Not natively. There are a few plugins that people seem to have limited success with.
There’s a Jasonelle plugin project in the works by some forum members, hopefully this will “just work”.

Yes, no problems in doing that, depending on what exactly you want to to manage of course.

One. This is a pretty big limitation IMO. Paying a minimum of 300USD per app quickly becomes prohibitively expensive for personal projects, compared to other builders. It is of course still cheaper than hiring developers.


Why 300USD?
Bubble’s cheapest plan is U$29.

I suppose, if you only use the app for one month a year :wink:

I just wish we were allowed two apps on the personal plan, even if the second app was capped at 200 users or something. It would allow for trying out an idea in addition to your main app, without doubling your cost.


There are other solutions. There is a wrapper available for 49$ offered by someone else on the forums (, and there are free solutions like AppGyver and Thunkable in which you can just put your app in a webview. I used AppGyver and their native functions to create my app.

Thank you for sharing.

Between AppGyver and, in. your own opinion, what is the strength and weakness of each platform?

Which one is easier for development especially for a designer with no coding background.