Arbitrary date/time alternative

If i have a date for an event in the DB can i do a conditional function that will only show a group if the date of the event is within a given time?

i.e. event is in 2 weeks so group showing warning to book fast shows up but other event is in 2 months so no warning occurs bc I have an arbitrary date/time condition that only shows the group if event is less than three weeks away.

You can make a condition rule so if the Current cell's Event's scheduled date - 14 days ≤ Current date/time. Then make the color red, etc., whatever you’re looking to do.

That will means 14 days prior to the scheduled date it will trigger the conditional.

Or if you’re on a specific screen for an event, you could have a workflow On page load with that same conditional (modified a little bit to reference the page’s event)

Then your action would be to show the popup warning the user to book soon

@tylerboodman Thanks! I will try it out, I appreciate the help!