Help with date in a group

Hello guys,

Im having trouble because I need to do the following. I have a text which I only want it to be visible only if parent groups thing creation date is bigger or equal to current date or smaller than current date +7 days.

It is probably easy to do but I cant seem to be able to get it right.


Judging by your post I think you’ve misunderstood < and > on dates.

If you’re saying creation date > current date it means the thing will have been created in the future which is impossible.

The second condition would be current date + 7 days, also a future conditional if the thing was created within the past seven days. Write out in plain English what you’re trying to do and I can help you with your conditionals.

I think you are spot on Duke, I expressed myself wrong. Basically what I want is to show the text in a range. Creation date creation date +7 days

@duke.severn essentially if the thing is less than 7 days old the text is visible

Hey @paulogustavopeixoto

You can try to make a filter


Hope it helps

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that wont do because in my case this is a repeating group showing a list of things. And I dont want to filter them. The text is only to state if this is a NEW listing or old one. That is why I want to apply that condition.

@eazycode solution is interesting though I have no idea how they plan on tying that to visibility conditionals. This is how I would do it:


You can do a substraction to find how old it is then set up the conditional. I put in hours in case you want more precision, you might want to use less or equal to, but you get the idea…

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Yep @duke.severn, great idea !

So essentially your conditional states that if the listing is less than 7 days old than it visible correct?


Spot on mate. Great help

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