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How to display an alert or show a group at certain date&time

I want to display an alert message or switch to a different group at a particular date&time that I am getting from the database, Can anybody give any tips on How it can be possible.

I tried using DO when condition is true with Current User’s stored date<Current date and time, Show group; but this doesn’t work.

I also tried Alert with the same condition but that also doesn’t work, Any suggestions here so as to what might work for this.

Try scheduling it.

  1. Create a custom event, with workflow thing = User
  2. When you create a user (or whenever it is you set the user’s ‘stored date’), schedule the custom event, passing the user you just created/edited as the workflow thing and setting the date to the user’s stored date/time.

@louisadekoya Fantastic, Works like a charm.

Thanks Mate :+1:

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