"Arbitrary text" operator for complex formulas, order of operations and quasi-parenthesis

Hi all!

I may be late to the party on this one, but I recently discovered the “Arbitrary text” operator and have been using it together with :converted to number. It has been very useful for composing complicated formulas and enforcing the “order of operations”. It also allows me to copy / paste & edit discrete parts of an expression (normally I am forced to delete the whole expression if I want to change something at the beginning of the expression).

I’m also using the new “experimental” parenthesis feature (I believe you can enable this in Settings → Versions). It’s pretty good (not perfect yet, but definitely an improvement).

You can go as many levels deep with “Arbitrary text” as you need.

Outer level:

Inside the Arbitrary text:

Inside the inner Arbitrary text:

Hope this helps someone out there :slight_smile: !


Awesome @melissa7 ! Thanks!

Use it a lot too!

Also complementing the tip, Parenthesis is currently an experimental feature, you can enable it via settings > versions

Oh wow this is genius, wish I had thought of this before I built out all my complex billing formulas in separate invisible groups :joy:


One note on using arbitrary text to split complex formulas. If you use it in more than one level (an arbitrary text which contains formulas with arbitrary texts which contain formulas) there may be miscalculations. This has happened to my app and more intriguing is that for different computers, I believe that it depends on the conditions like memory, it calculates differently.

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Interesting … I will look out for that.

Hello there,

I don’t know but this method misscalculate my formula

10% was supposed to be a discount, so the price has to be (4000+7000)*(100%-10%)



I don’t know why this isn’t working. Any solution?