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"Arbitrary text" operator for complex formulas, order of operations and quasi-parenthesis

Hi all!

I may be late to the party on this one, but I recently discovered the “Arbitrary text” operator and have been using it together with :converted to number. It has been very useful for composing complicated formulas and enforcing the “order of operations”. It also allows me to copy / paste & edit discrete parts of an expression (normally I am forced to delete the whole expression if I want to change something at the beginning of the expression).

I’m also using the new “experimental” parenthesis feature (I believe you can enable this in Settings → Versions). It’s pretty good (not perfect yet, but definitely an improvement).

You can go as many levels deep with “Arbitrary text” as you need.

Outer level:

Inside the Arbitrary text:

Inside the inner Arbitrary text:

Hope this helps someone out there :slight_smile: !


Awesome @melissa7 ! Thanks!

Use it a lot too!

Also complementing the tip, Parenthesis is currently an experimental feature, you can enable it via settings > versions

Oh wow this is genius, wish I had thought of this before I built out all my complex billing formulas in separate invisible groups :joy:

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