Architecture for multi-user-type (Teaching platform)

Hi, I am building a training app that will have different user types for different purposes. Students will sign-up and have their course dashboard. Teachers will coordinate their students and classes via their class dashboard. Course Designers will have their own dashboard to design and build the courses that the Teachers will use and the students will take.

I am visualizing this as three different apps (one for each user type and objective) connecting the databases/apps with the Bubble API.

Is this the correct approach?

No need for 3 apps.

Just 1 app will be fine.

Create an option set. List of privileges
It should have student, teacher and course creator

In your user dB/thing, have a list of privileges

Then upon sign up, you can steer people and set different privileges.

You can have different pages and show different things to each user type.

And via the list of privileges can also adjust the privacy rules.