How do I start: starting considerations

Hi everyone,

I am completely new to Bubble and app developping.
I have a couple of questions they came to my mind as I have started “playing” with the editor, after having followed the guided tutorials in the Academy section.
I wish to build an MVP of an app where, as it often occurs, there are 3 cathegories of users: 1) companies that offer their services, 2) users who looks for services, 3) app administartors.
Even if it is not, it could be a sort of marketplace.
So, my first question is: how can I manage three different types of app users? I mean, how should I structure my user login system in order to make different users to access different features of the app? Is it compatible with the oauth services plugins as well?
The second question is: which is the best practice for page sizing, considering that users 1 and 3 should prefer a desktop environment, while users 2 should prefer a mobile environment?
Should I build different size versions of my app? And, in this case, how can I do that in Bubble?
Or is it better (and possible) to go with a responsive way?

Thank you very much!

For users it’s up to you how to make them. You might want to have [user_type] which could be one of three things.

Then in your privacy page, make sure you have the settings right.

If user is administrator they can see all data, if user is user they can see their Data.

I’d build it out mobile responsive first for all pages. If people like your service enough they will use their phones to view it

Hello @federico.tomasi welcome to the community!

Hi @jobs,

thank you for your reply.
About the login process and the user management: I was thinking the same, i.e. to add a field to differentiate the user type during the sign up phase (and in the data structure as well). Anyway, I know Bubble, by default, adds a user login logic to every app. So, would it be possible to modify it or should I delete it (if possible) and do a new one? Furthermore, willing to offer a third party oauth system, will it be possible to maintain the differentiation also with that? Or is the oauth valid only for client users?
About the layout: one of the main feature I would like to try to add is a sort of designing process that companies can use, so teh best experience would be using it on a desktop/laptop pc.
Furthermore I would like to have a “complete set” of user interfaces: desktop web, mobile web (so for these two I would go with a responsive layout) and mobile app (I have seen it is possible to build hybrid mobile app with Bubble).
Considering this, I was wondering if with Bubble it is possible to build a common backend part and multiple frontend parts of the application, exactly as one can do with the “code” way. My doubt arises from the awareness that Bubble builds the backend and the frontend parts at the same time, so I don’t know if these two can be managed separately.
Thank you very much,

Hi @cmarchan ,

I will give it a look. Thank you for your advice.

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