[Need Help] 2 bubble apps, same database and differents user


I am creating a coach - student type of App.
The coach has an access to a desktop dashboard and the student to a mobile application, i have 2 bubble apps, one classic and one PWA

I would like to share a single database for both of the app .
To store the “students” data i created a different table view, (which was maybe not the best idea), so, every "coachs "have a lit of “students”.

1st question:
How to share a single databae for both of the APP ?

2nd question:
How to make the “students” an current user type on the mobile app ?

Please help me and i would be forever grateful, thanks :smile:

Look into the App Connector or using API connector and setting up your bubble app as an API

Hi, thanks and what about the user type for the “students” ?

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