Are anyone else's images distorted?

Just opened my app a few minutes ago and images are distorted on all pages - anyone encountering the same issue?

Hey @michaelchang516,

I had the same issue: on Safari, images were working, but when I came on Google Chrome, everything (images) was distorted.

So, what should you try?

You could change the item’s size (in the editor), in the properties editor of this one (in tab “Appearance, scroll down to W H X Y or Width Height HorizontalPosition VerticalPosition letters and change numbers corresponding to what you want the image to look like”).

If this doesn’t help you, I do not know any other way to help you…

If you have any question about this comment, or just any question concerning Bubble, just reply to this comment!

Best Regards,

Appreciate the response, but the images are distorted on Safari too. The issue started yesterday afternoon out of nowhere

Yeah, this is quite annoying.

We had to change all of our dynamic images from ‘rescale’ to ‘stretch’ and use ‘process with imgix’ to rescale and crop. That fixed it


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