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Are back-end workflows more efficient?

Hi guys, I’m just trying to make my app run more efficient/faster.

I was wondering if back-end workflows make my app more efficient?

Basic example: After a sale is made, commission is paid to the respective salesperson.

Normal workflow: When button complete purchase is made, make changes to product’s assgined salesperson

Backend workflow: Trigger when “product sold status” now = yes AND “product sold status” before = no → make changes to product’s assigned salesperson.

Does it matter? and which would be more efficient?

I always prefere to run important and long workflows in backend for two reasons:

  1. If the workflow runs in frontend, it will run in your user’s browser. So it will load as fast as the browser let… if you don’t need the workflow result to be displayed in the screen, send it to Bubble’s server (backend). Generally it is faster as well…

  2. The second, and MAIN REASON, why I do it for important and long workflows is that if the user closes his browser during the process, the workflow will run only until that point… so your database could become inconsistent!


Hey @rpetribu! Thanks for the detailed response!
So would the general consensus is to use back-end workflows when you can? Although would this substantially decrease the app’s available capacity & making the app slower?

Yes. If your user don’t need to wait for the result of the workflow, there is no reason to make he wait for it to end. So, if you have a long workflow, it is better to let Bubble process it and “free” your user to continue his navigation. The “sensation” will be that your app is faster, as the waiting will not be felt by the users…