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Backend workflows slowing my app down

Am I missing something here?

I thought moving actions to the backend workflows would speed up things for the user; however it seems my app is running even slower now I’ve scheduled things to happen in the backend…

I’ve read a bunch, followed all the guidelines I can find on how to speed up searches (moving as many constraints to the front etc. etc.)… and it seems it’s the simple move of moving from standard workflows to backend workflows which is making a big difference in slowing things down…

Depends on the nature of the workflow. While a backend workflow takes the process out of the front end, it does take time/resource for the front end to schedule the backend workflow. Workflows that are relatively simple and need to be done immediately are usually best kept on the frontend. Workflows that take longer periods of time and aren’t immediately needed generally are best for the back end. As in many things in life, the answer is “it depends”.

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For the items that need immediate attention, I’ve tried using backend workflows for actions happening multiple times on multiple pages - but perhaps I need to be more creative with using custom events in repeatable elements instead. Thanks!

Nice overview of reusables in the below post in case you hadn’t seen it. However I don’t think they speed up app performance on their own – only if they happen to reduce the number of elements/workflows on a page. Could be wrong though.