Are conditions AND or OR?

I have an icon on my web page, in a repeating group that when clicked will display a popup. I do not want the icon visible at all times.

There are two separate conditions when I don’t want the ICON visible. [This OR That]

  1. if no user is logged in
  2. if the current cell’s row of data was created by the user logged in

In the Icon properties dialog there are 3 tabs, Appearance, Conditions, and Transitions

In the Conditions tab - if you create two conditions under which the same property (being visible) is set, are those “AND” conditions, that is BOTH conditions must be met for the visibility to be set. Or are those “OR” conditions, that is if either of the two conditions are true then the visibility will be set.

Thanks So Much… I’ve played with it for a half hour, logging in, logging out, logging in as different users… I still can’t figure it out.

It’s not quite either – the conditions run in order (from top to bottom). So, if the top condition hides it and the bottom shows it, then it’ll be displayed. The opposite is true as well.

Sometime it is easiest to combine logic into a single condition. For example: when the user is logged in and the current cell’s thing’s creator is current user, then: make text bold = yes, make visible = yes, make font size = 24.

I hope this helps.

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