Define another condition - Same as "Or"?


I have a text box that I want to show to a user that matches condition xyz A or condition xyz B.

In the text box “conditions” tab, I can define multiple conditions.

For example, if user:

  1. Is logged in
  2. Is of age 18+
  3. Referred a friend
    → text box is visible


User is

  1. logged in
  2. User is 65+
    → Text box is visible

Would that work or they will interfere with each other due to overlapping conditions and I need to have 2 different elements?

Thank you,

The conditions on an element go in order so you can just change the order of them if the behavior is not what you’re looking for!

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So having multiple “define another condition” acts as an “or”?

It acts as an AND unless there is a conflict with another condition, in which case it gets trumped. You can also define your conditions to not have conflicts, or play around with it as you like!

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