Are Custom Events or Scheduled API Workflows faster?

Hi! I’m a coder and I’m new to Bubble, trying it out to optimize for speed of development and iteration. I want to give users a fast experience, and I was wondering whether triggered custom events were better or the backend workflows were better from a performance standpoint?

Hello @abhishek.bhargava173 welcome to the community!

Perhaps this could shed some light in the overall concepts needed for performance. Although it is a paid resource … @petter presents us with a bag of golden nuggets:

Hope this helps! :+1:

Second the recommendation on the book. It gives great insights into how Bubble “works” and from there you can figure out the best approach for your app.

Re: your questions, like many things in life, “it depends”…

  1. If the workflow isn’t something the user needs to wait on (like send an email), then backend is faster for the user because it eliminates the pause on the page while the workflow is executing.
  2. If the worfklow updates something on the page that the user needs to see ASAP, like filtering a list or writing an entry to a database that the user is using, then generally I’d keep it as a regular (ie client side) workflow.
  3. Caveat to 2… if the worfklow is really resource intensive, then a backend worfklow (executed on Bubble’s servers) may go faster than a regular workflow.
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