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Backend custom events vs API events

Is there a difference between triggering a backend custom event and scheduling at “current date/time” a single parameter API workflow?
Of course they both trigger server side, but I have a gut feeling that the custom event might be better for performance.


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i have the same question

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Was there an answer to this? It does seem like ‘scheduling a workflow’ might be more resource intensive or slower operation.

As far as I’m aware, the only difference between any other workflow action and a custom event is that bubble will pause the workflow until the custom event is completed. Bear in mind this counts solely for the action steps within the custom event.

So for example, if your custom event contains several “schedule API” actions, bubble would wait for all of those to be scheduled before continuing, but importantly, not until after they have run/completed.

Custom events also lack the ability to trigger themselves recursively, so if you need to run a loop you should always use a scheduled API workflow.