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Scheduled workflows going too fast?

As we all might know is that Bubble has changed the way data is processed in batches, making the process a lot smoother and faster.

Does anyone else have issues with having a lot of workflows inside scheduled workflows? Certain fields are being ignored and not correctly stored. For me it seems that it all goes ‘too fast’

I had to seperate my back-end workflow in order to get this stored properly but it just looks really bad ;(

I had to do this:

Are you creating a new thing on user each time?

Yup, processing it as a list later on. Makes it easier for me to export to CSV etc and reporting statistics, especially when combining data, without using filters.

Could you use the bulk create option?

Let’s not dive into the details, I appreciate you looking into the details though. What I’m looking for is to see if others are having similar issues, because I’ve had this a lot of times before.

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Got it. I have experienced this from time to time. Not sure what the fix is other than what you’ve done.

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@nocodeventure the user object is special as we all know. Has this happened to you with other objects?

This is actually not the User Data Type, its a seperate datatype called User: xxxx and yes it happens a lot especially when having multiple records executed one after the other.

I once encountered a problem that bubble support explained that I had found them an edge case. Don’t recall the exact situation but it involved somewhat of what you are pointing out here. In this case … records proximity.

They recommended to use custom events and schedule them. That did the trick. Perhaps you can explore this in the future.

Yes I do use custom events but it slows down the process, having back-end workflows is perfect for a smooth UI/UX transition.

That said its not a major deal though. Hope Bubble can focus on this.

If I could only add a 50 ms pause between each call, that would certainly help.


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