Are Database Event Triggers Automatically queued, or run in parallel?

I need to make sure that operations that pass through a database trigger event aren’t evalutated in parallel, i.e.:
User A adds new element to Table A (triggers DBEvent 1)
User B adds new element to Table A (triggers DBEvent 2)
Does the backend workflow that runs on a Database trigger for Table A evaluate these in a queue or in parallel?

Rather than developing a database queue on top of a system already using queue, I’d like to be sure about it first. So far I haven’t seen any topic or documentation explicitly disambiguating the matter.

Does anybody have a definitive answer?

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I don’t believe there is any guarantee to which event happens first. In order to do that, you probably should just create a backend api workflow that does the first workflow action you want to happen and then do the next action in step two or trigger the next workflow.

Does that make sense?